Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Eyeliner will always be woman bestfriend


Semua orang tau that the eyes are the windows to a one’s soul and for women, having pretty looking eyes are important as it displays to others your beauty. Makeup for instance, mua surely will focus on your eyes over everything else. Jadi, pentinggg sangat for women to always be aware to wear eye makeup from eyeliner, eye shadows and mascara every time stepping out of the house. Ingat lagi bio dekat friendster tulis eyeliner is my savior, nuff said. Kemain kan zaman friendster. 

However, splattering all these 3 eye makeup items could be really a fuss especially when you are in a hurry. The best way for women to attempt a beautiful eye look is by attempting various eyeliner styles instead. 

Macam bawah ni is the simplest and basic way to wear your eyeliner. Kira macam everyday use. Calit dah siap. Wearing eyeliner will effect the whole face seriously. Dari mata sembab terus segar, mata kecik jadi besar. 


The second eyeliner look is perfect for women who aim to get a more sexy appearance in front of others. The cat eyeliner look can definitely reveal a sassy sexy personality out of a woman and this can easily attract others attention straight to you. Banyak celebrities in malaysia as well as overseas such as Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie loves pull off the cat eyeliner look to the red carpet. Tapi i olls tak sesuai sangat pfftt. 

Besides that, another way women can look pretty with just playing with their eyes is a more dramatic makeup look. I loveeee smokey eyes. Women can attempt a full smokey eyeliner look which the eyeliner is circled around from top to bottom. Tapi not everyone can pull this look, else u will look like a vampire or racoon including me la kot.  However, the best tip for women to apply this eyeliner look is making sure it does not get smudged too much by only wearing waterproof eyeliner.  

My latest picture and loveeee the smokey eyes by kak aimie ;) kalau i yang taruk sniri memang tak jadi laaa. After 6 hours of photoshoot. Huarghhh. 

So apa lagi siapa yang takde eyeliner except for guys, go buy now. Apa? Not enough time?? Tatau ke zalora ada jual eyeliner?? Go get now eyeliner online collection from various brands available.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First entry 2015

Assalamualaikum and hye

Apa khabar diri sendiri? Sihat? Baru nak tulis blog kewww? Haah. Macam mana nak tulis ni, dah konpius. Ya Allah lama kan, sekarang baru teringat ada blog. Rupanya. Takpe la, buat macam memang orang tak pernah baca. Orang baru nak mula, please excuse my writing.

Anyway first of all, selamat tahun baru semuaaa! Wahh dah kahwin rupanya Nabeela ni, dari tahun lepas nak update pasal tunang, takde pon. Lepastu tekad la konon nak update pasal prep kahwin, takde jugak, nikah pastu reception. Hahahahahahaha semua takde. Dah mengandung, lepastu konon la dalam hati nak update perjalanan pregnancy, lagi lahhhh takde. Skarang baby dah 3 bulan lebih huwargggg. Baiklah.

Korang sihat? Alhamdulillah. Dah kahwin dah semua? Wahh gitu soklan nye. Kahwin la, walaupun kadang kadang takde la seindah yang dikhabar, takde la seindah seperti semasa bercinta, tapi the feeling of need each other tu yang indah. Yang penting give and take, the more u give the more u get. Tapi macam kitorang dua dua mengada, dua dua laaaaaa nak accept je, bab yang give more tu baru nak belajar. Hahahaha. Dua dua nak menang, tapi orang kata lelaki la yang mengalah, but fact sebenarnya perempuan yang banyak mengalah dalam diam. Nak menang jugakkkkkk ahahaha.

Macam saya, sebab saya duduk dengan parents lagi, kitorang semua duduk dengan parents, so rasa kebergantungan kepada suami 100% tu belum ada lagi. Saya masih lagi bergantung pada parents, bergaduh pon macam kanak2 alahai, nanti i bgtau mother. Mother cuba tengok ni dia buat. Mak saya adalah pening anak-anak seperti tidak berkahwin.

Lama2 nanti adapt ye nak. Sekarang ni tengah malam sebenarnya. Saya nak cari gambar lama pakai contact lens warna biru kekdahnya. Tapi tak jumpa post tu. Pastu saja belek draft entry, and yang ni ditulis masa saya still pregnant puasa tahun lepas wah gitu kann. Tapi tak publish so alang2 saya tukar la buat macam ditulis sekarang :)). Pemalas sangat kan. Jadi mak2 ni nak tulis gelak bhahahaha pon macam omg ape mak ni walaupun muka hambar je masa tulis bhahaha.  

Ya Allah rindunya alahai nak tulis tapi bukan takde masa cuma malas saja. Kalau malas memang takde ubatnya ye anak2. Rindu hoiii. Nak nangis baca balik kisah lama. Macam when we read back,bole ingat lagi what happens dolu2 kan. K la nak tido bye. Penutup pon takde tetiba bye. Nampak tak awkward nya. K bye lagiiii. Till then   Im quite active on instagram. U can follow me @belladelarosa but woman only. Lelaki yang kite kenal saja bolehh

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SEDA MALAYSIA - Feed in Tariff individual Solar PV cont

I am interested!!! What now? Ok sabar sabar. Haha there are few steps that you need to follow before you get the FiT payment.

So first step u need to check the eligibility, next step is to prepare the documents and contact the service provider and then third step apply for Feed in Approval through manual or online submission.

What are the documents needed for the application?

There are 2 registration stages for Feed in Approval application

i: Profile registration
a)      Copy of mycard

ii: Project registration
a)      Copy of documents proving the Applicants ownership of the site, or other conditional or unconditional rights
b)      Copy of land title of the landed property
c)      Copy of fee payment receipt
d)     Copy of system Engineering Drawing
e)      Copy of wireman certificate
f)       Copy of certificate in solar PV system design

How to register profile?

1.      Go to
2.      Click on ‘Feed in Tariff”
3.      Click on ‘new registration’
4.      Receive email notification on user log in and id
5.      Login using password and id given
6.      Change password
7.      Go to my profile and finish setting the profile


Then below are the next steps, you will be contacted and just follow the flow.

Is there is any fee imposed upon application?

Ada la sikit hehe. The total application fee for a 4kW installation capacity is RM310 for application made throught manual and RM200 for online. Payment can be made to SEDA Malaysia.

All info from . Dont forget to visit SEDA untuk mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut tentang renewable energy, Feed-in-Tarriff, Sustainable energy and many MORE!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SEDA MALAYSIA - Feed in Tariff individual Solar PV cont

Assalamualaikum and hye. 

So this is the continuous from the previous entry. We are now discussing about Feed in Tariff and their subtopics hehe.

Now let’s learn the types of solar PV module. 

Solar PV mdodules come in 3 common commercial types, which vary in efficiency and cost. Ingat tak yang haritu saya ada pegi AUO sunpower tangkap gambar and explain about the type. Ada kan. PV modules can be divided into 3, which are monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin film.

Can solar PV work for you?

Before you invest in a solar PV system, you need to check the following.

Is the roof tilting less than 15 degrees? Cause solar PV modules need maximum exposure to the sun, and this means that the tilt should not be more than 15 degrees for PV application in countries lying along the equator as PV on fa├žade loses nearly half of its potential energy yield.

Will trees or buildings cast a shadow over the solar PV modules? If part of PV module is in te shade, then the amount of electricity generated will be reduced.

Is your roof structurally sound? It will need to take etra weight of the solar PV modules plus the mounting structure.

Income and savings

Before installation, you are advised to register and secure the feed in tariff quota. Under the FiT mechanism your Distribution Licensee will pay you for every kWh of electricity your system produces and supplies to the grid. FiT rate depends on the capacity of your PV system and the year when the sytem achieves commercial operation. Different capacity has different FiT rate. Selain daripada dapat duit FiT basic rate, anda juga berpeluang untuk dapat bonus rate yayyy jika system yang anda gunakan satisfies the bonus criteria. Please visit and you can get the lastest FiT and bonus rate.

Your monthly income will depend upon the type and capacity of your system. Dekat Malaysia, setiap kW Solar PV kan menghasilkan average of 100kWhenergy setiap bulan!


(A) Total installed capacity                                   4Kw
(B)  Average monthly energy generation               400kWh a month
(C)  Basic FiT rate for 2013 + bonus rate              RM1.1316+RM0.2392=RM1.3708
(D) Monthly FiT income (B)x(C)                          RM548.32 a month
Annual FiT income (D))x 12 month               RM6,579.84

Sila pastikan PV service provider yang anda pilih ada certified engineers dengan sijil solar PV system design from any institution recognised by SEDA Malaysia.

Cost and payback

The cost of solar PV system depends on the size of the system, the type of PV technology and how easy it is to install at a particular site. Harga semasa sekarang , complete installation cost for one kW solar PV system would range from RM8000 to RM10000 for residential. Below is the illustration of simple payback for a 4kW PV system.

(A) Annual FiT income                                         RM6,579.84
(B)  Installation cost                                               RM10,000 x 4kW
(C)  Return on Investment period (B)/(A)             RM40,000/RM6,579.84=6.08 years


You need to contact a PV service provider and get the service provider to do the installation and help you to apply for the Feed in Approval. Click here. Be sure to get few quotations for price comparison. Look into their past projects and past experiences. Proven track record, accountability and reliability are very important indicators to ensure the quality and durability of the PV system installation


So, interested? Here are few criteria that you must have to install solar PV
1.      Malaysia citizen aged 21 years and above
2.      Ownership of the landed property
3.      Each individual is limited to 2 applications
4.      Each application shall not exceed 12kW installation capacity
5.      Each application is to have different address

Complete eligible criteria you can find here. Go visit  to know more the details. Next entry saya bagi step by step how to apply for FiT ok? Tadaaa.

Monday, March 10, 2014

SEDA MALAYSIA - Feed in Tariff individual Solar PV

Hye and assalamualaikum, so from now onwards all the entries are about Feed in Tariff till the end. For individual as well as for industry. Understand the feed in tariff, solar PV system, how does it works, income and savings, cost and payback, how to register and so on. That’s a lot. But I’ll explain one by one. As this is for me the ultimate thing you need to know when you want to install solar PV at home after a longgg briefing kan.

Understanding the Feed in Tariff 

Feed in tariff ialah Antara satu polisi yang paling efektif dimana ia menggalakkan penggunaan renewable energy. Fungsi utama renewable energy fund ialah untuk membayar feed in tariff user ni la yang mana yang dah daftar di bawah FiT program. Siapa yang menguruskan RE Fund ni? SEDA Malaysia. SO basically FiT enables RE power producer to be paid the premium tariff and sell the energy generated to participating Distribution Licensees such Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) untuk masa yang spesifik yang telah ditetapkan oleh REPPA, for instance, sesiapa yang install PV Solar, is 21years. Gituu.

How does FiT work? 

The basic concept is DL (TNB) bayar kepada Feed in Approval Holder (KITA) for renewable energy that is generated and supplied to electricity grid on a premium tariff. So meter will be installed to record the amount of RE produced by the system and passed the main electricity grid. Setiap bulan DL (TNB) akan kredit kan bayara kepada kita. Mana diorang dapat duit nak bayar sesiapa yang install solar PV ni? Haaaa yang tu la dari collection of 1.6% yang dibayar oleh pengguna setiap bulan, dipanggil RE Fund.


Understanding solar PV system 

Solar PV system basically consists of 4 components. Kalau takde 4 ni, takde la solar PV hihi

The PV Array: electricity is generated by solar cells. The sun produce abundant source of renewable energy. It can be converted to electricity by using solar PV.

The inverter: electricity produced by the PV array is direct current. Then it needs to be converted to alternating current before it can be connected to utility grid. The inverter is the heart of the system and is responsible for performing this conversion safely.

Generation meter: the generation meter tells you and the DL (TNB) how much power has generated and how much have fed into the utility grid. Feed in Tariff is a program that credits you for the power that you generate and feed into grid.

Performance monitoring (Not compulsory): various forms of meters ranging from simple displays wireless monitors and web based data access are used to track the performance of P systems. There are several options available to suit your specific needs.


How does solar PV work?

So after you install? Do u know how does it actually works? So the component in a solar PV system that generates electricity is PV module. PV modules generate electricity when they are exposed to sunlight. The PV effect is the basic electrical process through which a solar cell converts sunlight into electricity.


Dont forget to visit SEDA untuk mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut tentang renewable energy, Feed-in-Tarriff, Sustainable energy and many MORE!