Monday, March 23, 2009

i hate liar.

ini bukan luahan perasaan.
bukan ditujukan pada sesape.

i hate liar.
i hate cheater.
i hate guy who din respect gurl.
i hate guy who use their hand to hurt gurl

i hate guy who came into woman life but in d end he left her no matter wut reason.
i hate people who let free their luv one bcoz they want to make him/her happy(stupid)
i hate people dat i luv hurt
i hate when i knoe u r cheatin.giv reason.
i hate people dat din lyke discussion.
i hate people dat mke stupid decision before thinkin.
i hate guy who cheat on her gf.!i realy hate dis.
i hate guy who luv 2/3/4/5 blabla woman in 1 tyme.bolo tul.
i hate pretender.
i hate dis evening.
i hate evrythin dat i hate.

i hate
i hate

if u hate me.just say,,if no trust,,no use.u stab my back,ill stab urs,,


Anonymous said...

dat's rite..


bella dela rosa said...

who r u?

Anonymous said...

Hye Bella..
Im Very Interested Dgn Ayat U Satu Nih..
"I hate people who let free their love one bcoz they bcoz they want to make her happy"..
Becoz I've Been There..
6Years Ago I Broke Up With My GF Becoz Of No Other Reason But ME..
She Deserved Someone Better..
And I Didnt Regret Becoz I Did The Right Thing..
Until Now I Still Care For Her.. =(

bella dela rosa said...

i hate dat word.VERY MUCH.!
'one day ull find sumone better than me"durr.itu hanya alasan untuk meninggalkan.
ur situation is juz lyke ex broke up wit me wit kind of reason dat not-so-trok-to-break-up.n i juz said oke as i din do any mistake.malas na layan.oke if u said so.but then stil giv him tyme to mke situation as usual,but he din.after one year,he came and explained.he said dat he wan to giv me tyme to study wutsoever n one day he'll come back to me. durr,of course i dun wan.helo da buang camtu takan na amek balek.
wut d purpose of entering woman lyfe but in d end inten to left her?

Anonymous said...

Before I broke up ngan my gf..
I Truly Love Her And I Just Want The Best For Her..
Since I Still Blajar Tyme Tu..
I X boleh Nak Bg Apa Die Nak..
Padahal Die X Nak Apa2 Pun..
I Yg Rase Im Not Good Enough For Her..
Thatz The Only Reason Why I Broke Up Ngan Die..
Tu Bukan Alasan Semata2 Okay..
I Left Her So That She Can Have Better Life..
Cukuplah I Perhati Dari Jauh..

Dah Lepas 4 Tahun (bukan 6)..
Im Not Seeing Anyone Else..
So Did She..
Maybe I Was Wrong..=(

miss said...

i like!!

u must tambah dis k..

i hate guy who talk bads about their ex after dumping her...(HYPOCRITE!!!)

bella dela rosa said...

anonymous:do u tink she can hav a better life afta u left her?do u tink she happy.?so u dun want to grab her back before anyone else do so?

miss:haha.dats cruel!very hypocrite.!

Anonymous said...

Ego Laki Tggi U Know..
Suka Utk Meng"compare"kan Diri Dgn BF Org Lain..
Kalau BF Org Lain Hebat Sket..
Mula La Rase Diri Not Good Enuf For Her..
At Dat TYme Of Course La I Rase She Deserve And Will Have Better Life..
But Right Now I Dont Know Anymore..

Its Been 4 Years La..
4 Years Of Silence..
I Dont Think She Willing To Accept Me Back..
Just Move On With My Life.. =)

bella dela rosa said...

yup yup.ego tinggi.sanggup ketepikan sayang sebab ego.can i knoe cane na break kan ego laki nih.even gurl da shows luv abes2 pown ego laki still ade eh?
yeah.move on.u THINK.u knoe wut shes think?huhu.o myb shes not for u.u deserve others.

Anonymous said...

Nak Break Kan Ego Tu Xtau La Plak Kan.. =)
Even I Pun Xleh Tgk BF Kwn Pompuan I Laie Hebat Dari I..
Malu La Kan Ngan GF Sendiri.. =(
Thatz Why La Lepas Broke Tu Im Trying To Be A Better Person..
And Now I Am A Better Man.. =)
Thanks To Her..

Ade Hikmah Disebalik Sume Tu..
So Bella Pun Xperlu Sedih2..
It Can Only Make U Maturer And Stronger.. =)

bella dela rosa said...

huhu.u ego.
watpe na malu.he accept u as wut u r.
not everyone perfect thou.
haha.yeah myb thx to her.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Betul I Ego.. =)
Who Doesn't Rite..
Cuma X Kena Ngan Tempat Nye.. =(
Only Life Lived For Other Is Worth AfterAll..

bella dela rosa said...

owww no thx for not mara i ciz said u r ego :) pnjg to spell anonymous,wuts ur name uh?

Anonymous said...

A Lot OF What You Said Is True Though..
Xkan Nak Mara Kot..

Whats New With You?

My Name Pun Quite Long..
Anonymous Better.. =)