Monday, August 24, 2009

i need an angel

ever wondered wut life holds for us?
wuts the point of it all.?
bella,it is related to ur post?sigh!gile.urrh

fasting month.head spinning lyke emm?
hav u ever feel cam u need sumone to talk but they dun appear.they exist but u juz cant share.if u want to share,its not fully deep.or if u trust sumone,they're not willing to hear or ur problem is jus burden them.not so a problem but sumting u want to story bout ta sampai.n sumtymes if u talk bout sumthing as n intent to share make them jealous,unfaithful,mad,unsatisfied,revenge,judge.?wth.
sumtymes i need a fren to support me in evrythin.myb u'r not so perfect thou,juz lyke giv support on this,other give on this.yeah,admit.who am i to get all those special!y we're not helping each other???condemm!hatred!
i need sumone yang i can share everythin,yang i can express bout anythin without any thought.i need sumone who can support me when im down,need sumone who can i rely on when i cry,need sumone who can share their shoulder with me,need sumone yang tade sifat cemburu dengan saya!,i need a gud listener coz i luv to talk but please dun judge me when i talk,i juz wan u to hear.a human call frens,lover,listener,anythin..need need.emm.kadang2 saya rasa dalam dunia ni tade sape pun care kat saya.being alienet by everyone.sdey tau rase cam tu.n hav u ever feel when u r sad,try to tell sumone tapi tana denga,n anyone tu is owang yg u realy care.
life fair.when they giv u hepines,they give u sadness as well.tapi kekadang sdey saya ta tertanggung.:'(.no one understand.repeat.NO ONE!n i tink i need no one to understand me,if i want sumone to understand me but they r not willin to o not even try,more hurt kan?beter no one.i keep my sadness coz not worth it,my sadness mean nothin to for wut mke it longer n longer.?useless.
sad wit useful,but i din knoe how to use equal im too kind,n sumtyme my kindness mke me to0 easily giv forgivnes,shows dat im gimcrack.myb one day,when it cross d limit n i jus cant stand by myself anymore o i juz dun knoe who am i,i'll left everythin.EVRYTHNG.
or i juz din notice yang actly ade owang yang care kat kite in dis world.tapi kite ta pnah tau.myb they dont want us to knoe.silently.uhh.?do u tink necesary?silent?ade ke?emm hope so n thx for dat.if hav any.tapi i alwiz rmmbr dis,"syg la orang yang sayng kite lbey dari orang yang kite syg sebab myb owang yang kite sayang akan tinggalkan kite tuk owng yang die syg. "shud apply diz.kite ta layak tuk menempatkan org2 yg sgt sempurna dlm idup kite sbb kite pown ta sempurna.
i need an angel.i need an angel behind me.i realy need it.
mom alwiz n alwiz remembering me,human can do nothin,Allah can,He is alwiz with us.Him.
tapi y we neva realize either.

y sudenly dis entry become so so emo.errr?
my blog,my feelin.hanya luahan perasaan.stupid coment,go rubish.lyke ive told,i hav no one dat can share.ahahaha.


hansuke said...

there's always someone willing to share.
they are called true friends.
it's always better to have an honest friend than having 10 friends that are pretending.
they are around, all you have to do is open your eyes..(peace!)

bella dela rosa said...

yup.sumtymes besfren is sumone dat we hate d most at first.
baeklah.OPEN MY EYES as big as i can.

Anonymous said...

"fren3,n d true fren"