Wednesday, February 10, 2010

love unpredictable

lately,many people around me,people who i care bout,people who related to me broke up,or might menunggu retak menanti belah.emm.oww saya bile bab2 broke up nih,tros emo satu badan.saya memang susah na menerima perpisahan even itu yang terbaek.ta kesah la mnusia,atau benda atau segala galanye,even sumtimes benda tu tade kena mengena ngan saya pown.:/.for me,when sumthing exist in our lyfe,it shud stick,but d reality it will fade away sooner or later.but for accpting it,hard for me to get over it.VERY HARD.kalo bole saya memang na btolkan keadaan sampai jadi mcm asal tapi kite ta bole tolak takdir kan?

hav u ever felt when a guy suddenly enter ur lyfe,n u feel he jus for u eventhough u already hav sumone in ur lyfe? admit dat kekdg bile somone dtg in ur lyfe n he realy care bout u,u rase di appreciate sgt.which dat the treat is not the same as ur bf.ape yang ade kat die tade kat ur guy.n the relation dat u build for instance bout 5 years u want to blow jus lyke dat because of sumting exist in ur lyfe for 5days?thing dat u get thru together gone.

in relation it is not jus bout love.its bout rspnsblity,sharing,caring,willing,scrficing,and others.cinta je ta cukup tuk hidup bahagia sampai bile2.oww ayat jiwang suda keluar.ade je orang kawen atas dasar cinta sahaja mule2 tapi..emm.i can accept when one relation is not so okay n other guy come n u tink so many times dat u hav to end up dat relationship for is accptable.but how about when u luv each other,tetba u said ur heart change.i luv him but i dun want to hurt other him,which is ur boyfie?whre is ur so called luv before?mane janji?

not everyone perfect though.yes,love is unpredictable.yesterday u said u love me but today u cant be force.cant be predict jus is unfair.bile kite bahagia orang laen derita.disebabkan kite.dun find trouble when we cant solve the trouble.dun change anything when we cant handle it.sayang lah orang yang sayang kite lebih dari orang yang kite sayang.coz might the guy dat we luv will go for other gurl dat he luv n left us with nothing.

alwiz n awiz luv my gmoku.
heart nadia too alwis.


Anonymous said...

Thats Weird..
The Same Thing Happen In My Life..
Kind Of Does La..

"hav u ever felt a guy suddenly enter ur life n feel he just for u eventho u alredi hav someone in ur life n he really care about u, u rase di apppreciate sgt"

Im being the guy.. =)

Anonymous said...
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qylacuppy said...

its ol about heart..huhu~

Anonymous said...


pergh. bela dah sound lebih matang dari dulu. tahniah.

well, that's life for u. not everything we plan can end up the way we planned it to be. it's call fate my dear..:)

see. bole je kamu tulis things seriusly. good job. two thumbs up. haha~


Anonymous said...

ask gf 2 be careful with da new mamat.huhuhuh