Monday, October 17, 2011

good day with girlfriends.


 bersama kak nor yang hot dengan mak kak nor yang omel nyeeeee.i senyum cacat u ollss


bersama bubu syasya!

Friends come and go, even a husband will come and go too. As life goes on, we tend to have different circle of friends. Kindergarten, school, universities, work, families friends and so on. Its normal, that is phase of life, we cant force the time to stop so that we will not lose our good friends, to be as the same as we want it to be. No matter how close we are with certain people, dont expect too much that we will always stay together forever. Follow the flow of life. At the end of the day, you will have your own family. So, appreciate your love one when they need it.

True friendship will remain forever and true friendship does not mean you have to be together 24/7. It just a matter of you stay together forever in heart.By the time you need them, they'll be there.


Mira Amirudin said...

agreed!!! as a conclusion, appreciate people around you,when time goes by,you never meet the same people you have meet before :)

Murni Ateerah [Kutee] said...

haalllaaammaaakkkk...bella cantiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkk :D

the unknown lady said...


LittleGurl said...

so sweet baby..


bila bella pakai baju tu kan.. nampak macam tengah pregnant.. bella pregnant ke ? (-_-")

pazil said... tau pasai pa aih..lain kali kalau nak bergambaq panggil lagi sorang..xelok bergambaq 3org..kata makcik2 kat kg le.. :b **pssttt..panggil saya tau.

bella dela rosa said...

mira:kannnn :)

murni:kite biasa biasa je kat luar yangg

unknown:tq darlaa tapi biasa jeee

little:aww diorang memang sweet sayang

tikus:laa taktau ke dah 3 bulan kot

pazil:haha tak baik pecaya,syirik

piqa said...

Bella, piqa suka baju macam tu. Bella beli dkt mana? Nak jugak!!

piqa said...

Bella, piqa suka baju macam tu. Bella beli dkt mana? Nak jugak!!