Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Eyeliner will always be woman bestfriend


Semua orang tau that the eyes are the windows to a one’s soul and for women, having pretty looking eyes are important as it displays to others your beauty. Makeup for instance, mua surely will focus on your eyes over everything else. Jadi, pentinggg sangat for women to always be aware to wear eye makeup from eyeliner, eye shadows and mascara every time stepping out of the house. Ingat lagi bio dekat friendster tulis eyeliner is my savior, nuff said. Kemain kan zaman friendster. 

However, splattering all these 3 eye makeup items could be really a fuss especially when you are in a hurry. The best way for women to attempt a beautiful eye look is by attempting various eyeliner styles instead. 

Macam bawah ni is the simplest and basic way to wear your eyeliner. Kira macam everyday use. Calit dah siap. Wearing eyeliner will effect the whole face seriously. Dari mata sembab terus segar, mata kecik jadi besar. 


The second eyeliner look is perfect for women who aim to get a more sexy appearance in front of others. The cat eyeliner look can definitely reveal a sassy sexy personality out of a woman and this can easily attract others attention straight to you. Banyak celebrities in malaysia as well as overseas such as Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie loves pull off the cat eyeliner look to the red carpet. Tapi i olls tak sesuai sangat pfftt. 

Besides that, another way women can look pretty with just playing with their eyes is a more dramatic makeup look. I loveeee smokey eyes. Women can attempt a full smokey eyeliner look which the eyeliner is circled around from top to bottom. Tapi not everyone can pull this look, else u will look like a vampire or racoon including me la kot.  However, the best tip for women to apply this eyeliner look is making sure it does not get smudged too much by only wearing waterproof eyeliner.  

My latest picture and loveeee the smokey eyes by kak aimie ;) kalau i yang taruk sniri memang tak jadi laaa. After 6 hours of photoshoot. Huarghhh. 

So apa lagi siapa yang takde eyeliner except for guys, go buy now. Apa? Not enough time?? Tatau ke zalora ada jual eyeliner?? Go get now eyeliner online collection from various brands available.

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Jazz Lover said...

Cantik orang pakai tapi saya tak pandai pakai. Setiap kali saya pakai mesti macam ekor kura-kura. Huhu.

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