Tuesday, October 27, 2009

first paper final exam

i came early.for that paper.one day early.hahahaha.gile!d paper suposely be today,too xcited to answer which actualy totaly not.bella so-day-dreamin.yana gtau 27 n i did msg other fren on sunday,eh kowang sok exam kat mane.pastu they said bla bla,din they notice ke i text esok kat mane.??oke my fault.ta tengok sniri.n yet not in college too.sigh*.
i was plan not to sleep on d day i TOT exam day,luckily tdo dengan banyak nye.first ting i din regret.dat moning takut yang tahap melampau smpi tepke boe ke na drive nih.dok dlm keta dengan lamenye.doa la supaya exam ta jadi.da kau,cal my fren ask da siap lom.wit all d bodo nye cnvrstion n me tebahak2 dlm keta.sok la exam bella.hahahaha.enuff story

today.='((((((((..totaly bad day.last nyte period pain.which is all gurl memang takut gile la kena tyme exam.for guys na tau sakit die cane.SANGAT SAKIT OKE!which is i tink korang pown ta tahan kowt.cam deliver baby nye sakit, tapi kurang ckit.(dari owang ckp la for cmparison).sakit an.but not all is lucky to hav dis.n im d luckiest one,on d day of d exam,in front of d paper,in d examination hall.!hell.well.na wat cane.im copying all d ques witout answer.=(. cant tink.skt.carry mark hancus sume.fail!once in upm life.rasenye.repeat paper nex sem.huhu.n sedang lapa.but cant eat.sakit too.menyesal pakai braces.haha.3 month oke kena mkn gune 2 gigi shaja.!sape thn wehhh.saba saba.


syazwan iniesta said...

huhu...tumpang simpati

anyway...harap2 everythg will b ok..

gudluck for nex exam!!

sume tu ujianNya :)

bella dela rosa said...

huh.everthin confirm ta oke.

syazwan iniesta said...

u can mend it better nex time..
no worry la...
wish u the best!

bella dela rosa said...

owww no i din fail!thx Allah.
but still i want to xtent my sem.huhu