Monday, May 31, 2010

mavi marmara ke GAZA

my forgiveness ya Allah.:(.am i only the one who jus knew this news?checking my fb home and suddenly popup one status said,hey stop publish ur personal lyfe story,keep doa to people who in mavi marvara that bring bantuan to GAZA.yeah,previously heard bout this said that please do not online after 12am till 6am the next day and some said that online so that u can know the news n some said dat okeh it start on 31th of may actually dont connect ur internet.okeh,which one is true?

okeh im not sure bout the motif they ask do not online on that day that day.anyone?but im surely sure that the main motif is actually stop updating anything that none importnt at all and keep praying and reciting doa and quran so that Allah bless our muslim brothers and sisters which some from malaysia,and currently one of the boat been stuck by israel armies(damn u).

maybe mavi marmara is not as great as cruise,as famous as titanic, as strong as kapal tentera,but this boat bring our saudara.n well,sebab bukan happen kat malaysia and some people might said alaa die bukan family kite pown so?.oke imagine,if its happen in our country,diserang and no one helps us even pray pown tak,sedih tak?emo pulak.huhu.if we have no strong untuk jadi sukarelawan untuk mati syahid,doa bole kan?

latest news 19 mati syahid including as-syahid syeikh ra'ed salah,ex-mp of baitulmaqdis and the rest injured.communication network have been cut by israel.(one of my friend update in fb).

further reading mavi marvara (click), (click)

video serangan ke atas mavi marvana.

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