Friday, July 16, 2010

still waiting for the easy-to-enter-but-hard-to-leave thingy.

raawwrr.i love u dear peeps.
distributing my lovee to all.

i have another personal blog,very personal which i wrote emotionally.very the emotional.ahaha.gedik kan.but no one can read it,and how come someone bole follow?which i block the blog only for me.haishhh pelik.agaga mesti orang tu sdey je bace.

will update bout floria soon..

love n kiss


nEa FleriDa said...

ala npe block kn? (;

bella dela rosa said...

huhu..sbb u memang personaall deary.saje suke2

Alyaa said...

Omg nice outfit

bella dela rosa said...

owww tqq.:)