Wednesday, September 1, 2010

girlsloveshop update!

hey girls!!!
tapi if guy nak beli tuk mak adik kakak sedara gf bole jugak hee.:)

batch 11 update.:)

selamat berpuasa everyone.!aku pakai jubah tgkp gmba nih cam muslimah sejati pulak hoho

kelik cni okeh [CLICK]


nabilah said...

your shawls mmg awesome! keep updating dgn more designs tau :D

--Sanam-- said...

Amazing pictures,you look fabulous :D and i absolutely LOVE all those scarves your wearing,the patterns and colours are beatiful :D i'll definately check out your shop now :D

By the way,im loving your blog,definately gonna give it a follow :D and it would be super awesome if you could come over and check out my blog & follow it too,as i love getting new readers and followers all the time :D it would be much appreciated :D

StopAndStareStyle = my super-duper fashion & style blog :D COMMENT,FOLLOW,READ & ENJOY! :D

bella dela rosa said...

nabilah:thx dearie!sure will do:)

bella dela rosa said...

sanam:oww hey there.thx for stopping by!just followed u.u have such an amazing dressup!n u look fabulous in it.
oww tq!im sorry most of my post are in malay,ill try to update it in english afterwards.!:)

thx for stopping by btw.:)