Sunday, December 5, 2010

how to overcome jealousy

here are the tips that im going to give you all on how to overcome or STOP being jealousy!obviously, omg proven that most of unsuccessful relationship is because of jealous haishh.pepandai je kan aku cakap proven haha! its not only in a relationship but also occur when you are actually not satisfied with yourself, you are not thankful with what you have.jealous sangat berleluasa ye sekarang kawan kawan.sebab jeles jugak boleh bawak bermusuh musuhan bunuh pembunuhan benci pembencian.kan?can you see how jealousy can ruin our kamon guys lets stop being jealous.jealous sikit sikit takpe ye jangan over.

first of all,

-Observe what triggers your jealousy

-Bite your tongue
If your partner is talking to someone else, leave them be. Do what a completely trusting person would do in your shoes, even if it makes you feel crazy.

-Recognize that jealousy is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
When you behave jealously, you don't respond to someone's behavior--you respond to what you believe someone's behavior implies. In other words, you're reacting to a scenario in your mind that you fear, but that hasn't happened yet, and might not happen at all.

-Build self confidence
you have to believe in yourself!there is no one perfect in everything.NO ONE.if you think they have everything who knows that actually they are not happy inside.everyone have their up and down.

-Stop comparing yourself to other people.
everyone have emotional breakdown deal with it.look at your self and improve it.!go go.

-Stop feeling entitled to all of a person's time.
quality is better than quantity.find the quality time instead of quantity of time.

If you get jealous easily, you've probably had your trust broken. Most of the time, the trust was broken in the past, and you inadvertently project your fear of being hurt again onto someone else. The question you need to ask yourself is whether this person (the person who you worry will hurt you) has ever done anything to break your trust in the past. If the answer is no, then it's important to give them credit for that, and not treat him or her like a criminal. If the person has broken your trust in the past, then it's time to forgive, or else jealousy will ruin the relationship.

-Be positive
and the last one is be positive.create a positive aura in you body.if there is too much negative your world will become soooooooooo negative.what is the good of negative thinking.think positive you will be happy.hoi takkan nak biar hati hitam busuk asyik negatif je.kasi la cerah sikit haaa kan bercahaya.

p/s:yes i know entry asyik tulisan je.haha actually semua nih semua berkaitan dengan assignment hikhik.tulis blog da 5 entry assignment tak siap lagi.zzzzzzzzzzzz.i have to do assignment bout who am of them is jealousy.;)


AM SYA said...

saye mmg kuat jelez ngn boipren..dier p0n same

bole ke saye ikot lgkah2 tersebut?


Anonymous said...

nanon::quality is better than quality?? bella oi,quality is better than

AM SYA said...

sy pon kuat jeles jugak~

boleh kah saya ikut??

tp sy mls..ngeh2~

bella dela rosa said...

nanon:haah tau silapss

bella dela rosa said...

am sya:are u both sharing account or?

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sharing~ teheee~ ;D

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