Thursday, December 16, 2010

style your hijab!

i have been tag by this girl.;)thx girl!

holla everyone, followers.*waves hand*.tq dear darls.!this is the third contest i join.hee.because of again,its simple.kahkah.simple contest attract people more kan?so here is me joining.

this contest organized by mr woot woot.his name like mengorat orang kan.instead of phewitttt we use woot woot.kan kan?ke aku je yang pernah dengar camtu.abaikannnn.layan sajo.

syarat nak join contest of course you have to wear hijab!2nd one you have to tutup aurat.ehem.and for more you can go to his site okes,;)so here come my picture.hee.;)

i wanna tag

amal baharudin.
bella ayub.
maria elena.

thats all.tq!;)oh the prize is rm100!the more the merrier,come come join.but the more join,the more percentage ill not win.T_____T.


woot-woot said...


omg omg...hoho..ini tokey kedai jual shawl kah ? 6 thousand fans..hehe

btw thanks for joining !

sangat style,ye ler tokey shawl kan xD

ouh,kalau nak saingan promote la contest kat fan page..har har har

more contestant hadiah naik taw ! hoho

okei banyak cakap plak woot woot ni..

thanks again ! salam :)

Akmal Baharuddin said...

hehe.tengs bella.;)
mesti bella yg menaang nnti..kte takde harapan nak nak join jgk.hehe ;)

gud luk ;)

Hamizah Syamimi Supian said...

good luck dear! :)

kembatolo™ said...


bella dela rosa said...

woot:panjangnye.T____T.haha u did know my blogshop.hoho.not my blogshop fans je la.;)

haha da promote tapi kat personal fb je la.


bella dela rosa said...

amal:haha yo laaaa.masuk sajo.masuk tauuu

bella dela rosa said...

hamizah:tq yangg.jom la join sekali

bella dela rosa said...

kembatolo.what with gulp.glup glup glup

mira.una said...

kamoo canteek la sys :]

Hamizah Syamimi Supian said...

bella, i memang join..i yang tag u..hehe...btw, panggil mimi je.. :)

bella dela rosa said...

mira:aww mekaseh.

bella dela rosa said...

mimi:yes i know.thats y i said thx.!heee

farah farhana said...

cantek la u nih ;)

~m!ssy a!n~ said...

gorg! best of luck bella! :)

woot-woot said...

ade update pasal contest !

hadiah bertambah ! hehe..rm100 and shawl ! yesza >_<


si sponsor shawl :P