Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race


EXCITED nii!!!!pasal makan mestilah excited.hahaha.
Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

once i got this advertisement from nuffnang,OMG are you telling about food.what amazing race food??can you imagine race to get food??*eyes drooling*FOOD.!(stressing),okee stop the excitement bella.do u know actually everyday i hope for free delicious food,wondering if anybody come to me and said,eh come and have food marathon together,i paid.bestt kan camtu orang banje wuwuwu.

oke i know you did not get what i am talking about.this one step closer to maxis on nom nom race is like amazing race but this one is all about hunting food.hihi race wei race bestt!not hunting la actually,sort of but more to you are given a direction,so you will go to that place and eat.u read me yes EAT!you will enjoy the best dishes(i hope so) at the restaurant around capital square.what you need to do is you have to do a review about the restaurant.i dont think it will give you something that you dont want to imagine yourself eating that kan.no no no.bukan la amazing race makan benda pelik.i pon tanak camtuuuu.T__T.uhuhu.guess what?you will be given iPhone for device with Finder 301 application okess which you can get to any place easily!only by MAXIS :)maxis wey maxis.ko ado?

well you know food and human cannot be separated.so do me.hihihihi.i kan suke makann.correct word,i like to try new things,new place.and i like to review em.kepuasan when you try all the food and enjoy eating.every bite is precious.can be stress therapy sometimes.eat while u can hehe. nanti da tua kena jaga makan.luckily i am skinny,so i can eat whatever i want without worried about getting fat uhuhu.i want to be in this competition because i love food!!!!!!dah paksa kawan suruh masuk supaya bole jadi one gang.anyone nuffnang subscriber can join.oh and we can be one team too.jom laa!my fiest time join contest by nuff nih.;)

proven my love towards food.i dont think you want me to attached all.this is enough hihi kang pengsan.you can read my blog and get the review of each restaurant that i go.

apart from the food that naturally im excited of,of course the prizes given are super duper awesome,its a vacation to HONGKONG babesss!3days2night at 5star hotels.excited lagi.sape nak kasi kannnn.korang sila lah masuk.the race is on this saturday and you have to submit your entry before 5pm tomorrow.(thursday).

oh yes u can see the great offer from maxis here!

and to iPhone owner!u can subscribe this.boleh access bile bile dimana jua.

till here the byee!!

oh yes my size is s.is this the smallest size?ehehe

my team member will be illy yang comell, abbie yang hot,bella yang cun hihi.

illy yang jalan laju and kuat makan,saya suke makan and buat review,abbie suke race dan makannn,bella ramly suke makan sedap and makan makan.ahaha.great combination!


conbellydiobeterisme said...

hobi = makan + tido= buncit ,tapi makan memang best ~ haha ,rsa cam nak join kalau bleh yeah

Encik Tikus said...

aiyak .. ang kuat makan enn.

Myvitrd said...

semoga berjaya..


bella dela rosa said...

heee jom joinn boleh in one team..

syasya said...

Good lUcK sayang!!

She is aaN said...

good luck para sayangku!!!oh yeaaaah!!!=)