Wednesday, September 28, 2011

let's meet up :)


Hye all, ill be here insyaAllah on SUNDAY only, sunday ye since sadly said i have a replacement class on saturday.  I am reallly really looking forward to meet all my readers, my super duper awesome customers and frenza, girlfriends semua laaaa yang sudi datang singgah.

I shall be selling all of my stuff from my 'temporarily shut down' blogshop, my one and only harta dunia that i have, GIRLSLOVESHOP. Since many of you have been asking, takde shawl baru ke, im currently busy with my MBA, so insyaAllah i will continue back my business next year insyaAllah.

In the mean time, you can get all the shawls for girlsloveshop (available items for now) at clearance price! below Rm10 u oll and its brand new!Who else will be joining me? sis Aimie!! :)) so she'll be selling her satin shawls, some of her pre loved items, and new dresses!


Dont worry, all price are affordablezzzzzzzzz.

boleh cari banner besar gedabak ni ye kalau tak jumpe
You can check out their fan page for more infos

See you there.:) much love.siapa duduk jauh boleh tempah tiket balik kl sekarang haha!


kembatolo™ said...

fine. tuk pompuan je. (T.T) haha

amy syahirah said...

kak bella cantek . =)

amier azrul alias said...

selamat berbisnes.

delarocha said...

sendiri bisnes, sendiri jadi model... ahakss awesome

cheqwa said...

rasta TTDI tu kat mana???hehehe...

Muammar Gaddafi said...

wow! gud bisnes

bella dela rosa said...

kembatolo:laki pon bolee

amy:tapii biasa je snanyee


cheqwa:da abis da sayang,dekat tun dr ismail.:)dekat ngan pasar die

muammar:tutp for a while