Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2nd hand chemistry books for sale


Hye today I would like to make a sale yayy. Its not a shawl, accessories, apparel and what not, all are books and it does not have any relation with voucher RM200 that you get okay, unfortunately. For those who just finished your study, kahkahkah padan muka tak dapat.:p. Once in a lifetime hokayy, please put aside voucher that you get from each university, uncountable, the 200 is for everyone! Ohh silap, student only.

Well since I have no interest at all to continue in chemistry, for now, oh yeah I have degree in industrial chemistry and now I enroll an MBA program (Master in Business Administration) which I love it to the bit! Why did I chose chemistry at the first place, emm I would say one because of family, environment to be exact (people always perceive science student is the konon high class one, like everyone can take social science but not everyone can register for science stream) and result was ok,so why not,  and I thought, I thought ye chemistry WAS easy, easy peasy back then in matriculation time je zz.

So here I want to dispose all my chemistry books, sound really harshhhhh, these adorable books need a new owner, better. I dont know where I supposed to put all these books da, I have books under my bed, near my rack, my own table full with books up and down,near my sister bed, on my bed ( I love to sleep with book hehe, memang bukan ulat buku ye, ni nama die psycho). Few of em, I touch only for the sake of learning in  class, lecturer ask to bring, for exam?naah, never wahhaha. I cant remember the exact price but I think near RM100, and I want to let it go for RM50 each. No, you cant use the RM200 voucher ehemm. This is not a bookstore. The photostat one, I sell it for RM5 each, for couple one also RM5.

Please please please if you have friends in this field, tell em can you?I dont want this book da (berlagak gila sekali kerja jadi chemist baru tau.T_T).  I'll be moving to gombak in near future, berat la nak bawak semua. And this is only an invitation to treat, you are open for negotiation if buy many (terms and condition apply) if you have the exact price, then it'll be easy to compare,just tell me k?

RM50 each!(not include postage ya since it is sooo cheap)

Sell it for rm100 only :)



PLEASE EMAIL ME AT nabeelariduan@gmail.com

TQ very much.


babYpose said...

Salam, not so bad kan the price. Nice to come across your blog. Will visit again :)

sya said...

I've emailed you :)

Ramin Delavari said...

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ajak said...

asalam ... salam kenal ... saya new bie ... saya dah jadik follower awak ... sudilah kiranya jadik follower saya ... minta tunjuk ajar ..tq.

NMMM said...

I came across your blog when googling bout hot n roll...and now I found out that u will b doing MBA. May I know where will u b doin ur mba? and can i have the contact email or num of the mba professor? im interested to do mba soon n wud like to know more bout it.

bella dela rosa said...

dooing mba at upm and now im in final semster

cik violet said...

salam..sayangla buku tu dijual..hehe..i ada organic John Mc Cury and spectroscopy :)