Monday, February 13, 2012

hadramawt restaurant


Tau tak kita pergi hadramawt ni sampai 3 kali u olss, over gitu wuwuuwuw. Been there 3times with different people and same dish for every visit haha. I could not resist the lamb mandy lerr even lamb kebab always confusing me which one to choose,and I have to ask many people to choose for me and they chose kebab foinee but I dont think it can full my stomach hahaha.And lamb mandy winnn, it always come out from my mouth when waiter want to take order, say yes to kambing, I am the KAMBING lover! walaupon busuk tettt.

I have this kind of behavior where, when in one particular time im sooo into seafood, if you ask me what I want to eat I'll order seafood right away (i'll not eat other than seafood gagag) and I'll not even have a glance to meat even though it was my favorite last month, weird. And now I cant even stop eating arabic/yemeni food huwarghh so tension sebab takde appetite dekat others. I think abang pakistan cafe belakang library dah mandrem nasi arab die dekat saya.T_T, ari2 nak makan.

I heard this place from illy parehah, she said this place was awesome, and I would loveee to give a try since my big family always go to saba' restaurant at cyberjaya if we want to eat middle east dish. I love saba' cause you can refill and take how much gravy that you want, me likey! These two restaurants must be in your favorite places to eat, seriously. I never try ar-rawsha, people say its awesome too, next time, miskin cenggini kalau pergi selalu.T_T.  

kuih arab

 arabic tea


 lamb kebab~


dessert malabia~macam malaria hokayy yang ni la kite tanye apa benda dalam dia risau kan balik2 kena malaria

 lamb mandy~



hye kambing, excited jumpe kambing.











Talking about hadramawt, so lets conclude as a whole. I had a bad experience during my first visit, maybe because its on weekend, and the place is packed. So the service is quite low, and only one/two people able to speak in english. So it is quite hard to order since you have to wait for the same person if you have any inquiries or to take the order and the same person had to entertain others as well, we have to take turn wuwuwuuwuuwuwuw. BUT, gegeggee yeah like you can see above, I got ferrerro rocher for free from unknown yayy rejeki, the waiter said its from somebody which they dont even know who and free but im afraid to open it up cause if  I open, they asked me to pay kangg, so I open it while in the car. And if they do know you (during call booking), they will greet you by name, I feel so personalized and they even say their sorry sebab me dapat my food paling lambat, foineeee.

During my second and third visit were awesome since I know already what to order. All the food presentation and the time of delivery for each of the dish was so organized. They even asked us whether we want anything or refill. And being the kepochi me, I asked about their signature dish, their country's dessert, what they put inside hhaha, im afraid la cause the taste was different from our kuih, mind you they eat very sweeeeet dessert. The ambiance is soo nice, middle east style, what do you expect, so colorful and brownish like! All in all the services and the food are awesomeeeeeeeeeeee. What else, im sorry if this sound soo education, I take services marketing this sem gagagaggaa, it will be wasteful if I did not applied hehe.

btw its located at pavilion, its yemenis food hihi.

Lot 7 & 7A, Block B,
Chulan Square,
92, Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

JB Branch:
The Puteri Pacific,
Jalan Abdullah Ibrahim,
80730, Johor Bahru 

Contact No.: 03-2142 2744 (KL) , 07-221 0867 (JB)
Business Hour: 11am – 1am on weekdays, 11am – 2am on weekends. (Last order 12.30am) 

Till here tadaa!


Marya Hana said...

hai bella..

lamb kebab? 1st time tengok. seriously perot berkeroncong terok baca entry ni.

bella lawa as always! (:

iyka zulaika said...

nampak sedappp! :) btw cantiknya kak bella :D kak bella selalu post pasal makanan but badan tak gemuk gemuk pon. okey jeles eh :P

Ikr@m said...

slm..nice picture.masuk blog ni ja terus lapar. :-)

Dari sudut Hati kecilku said...

sekarang ada 1 lagi lokasi kat JB. kat Taman University. Kat situ kan ramai arab. so diorang bukak kat situ

MĂ©uzAngelo™ XXIII said...

suke tgk tuan blog dari tgk makanan2 tu.. hehe :p

Adila Saidi said...

hee, pernah makan nasi arab tuh jugak tapi makan kat rumah je sbb member yg belikan :)

Akim Iqbal said...


Arina Jamil , said...

hai kak bella cntik :)

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

so damn much tempting.

nawariah :) said...

wuwuwuu, kita pon pernah pegi dekat taman melawati. huu sedappp

NafiesaYeop said...

Nak cakap.Yang akak ni cantik sangat.Err kambing lover eh.Takpernah makan kambing seumur hidup ni :)

Edy Zaidi said...

aarrgghhh...lapar tgk makanan2 ni...:)

Mya said...

huh tempting sungguh! =D anyway u look gojes with that satin scarf =)

Budak Nakal said...


Cik Nathrah said...

haha. siap bagi alamat n no phone lagi. mmg betol2 marketing la nieh

Husna said...

nnti Bella teman kan akak mkn kt sini la..i'm also kambing lover but not my husband :( sedey..

sweet sgt awak nila ...

bella dela rosa said...

marya:padahal kite biasa je as always.;)haah lamb kebab sedap la jugak tapi kite tak bape suke hehe

bella dela rosa said...

iyka:alaaa nak gemuk cane nih, kasi lemak sikit

bella dela rosa said...

ikram:bile nak masuk blog ni sila lah bawak makanan

bella dela rosa said...

dari sudut:penah dengar jugak haah kalau masuk kedai diorang banyak je orang arab

bella dela rosa said...

angelo:sila lah tengok makanan je

bella dela rosa said...

adila:sedap kan nasik arab, hari2 makan pon takpee

bella dela rosa said...

arina:hye padahal biasa jeeee

bella dela rosa said...

nafiesa:em emm yeass im kambing lover, jom la jadi geng jugak hehe

bella dela rosa said...

edy:haha pergi la makannn

bella dela rosa said...

mya:aww snanye scarf tu yang glowkan muka, nak suke la scarf tu hehe

bella dela rosa said...

nathrah:wahahha tu copy paste je yangg.seb baek tak print screen

bella dela rosa said...

husna:okey jom kakkkk.ala rugi laaa kambing sedap kottt