Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baju Muslimah The New Look at Zalora


Hye korang, today I would like to invite Kathy, a writer from Zalora to write a lil bit of her opinion towards Muslimah fashion, hijab and what not and what they have at Zalora to suit our fashion as in you know cover here and there. Enjoiceeeee. They even have sale right now, so go fast!


The general trend of clothes in season now in Malaysia seems to now be the “fashionable but decent” look. This trend is made popular by our Muslimah Malaysians out there.  Muslimah attire is both classic and not tacky in least, proving that a style that is conservative need not be out-of-date. 

Admittedly, this style might still be new for some but it has been picking up slowly, giving trendsetters out there more choices when picking a look. It may not be everyone’s style, but it is beginning to find itself highly popular amongst the influential few. 

One of the most interesting parts of the Muslimah look is the way the hijab is worn. The technique of wearing the hijab  allows one to pull off many different looks.

As a fashion statement, the simple and humble hijab is surprisingly versatile, allowing women to style dozens of different looks. From office environments to social nights out, wearing a hijab suits women who are looking for something elegant, modern, presentable and different. It not only fulfills the clothing needs of the modern, energetic and active Muslimah, but honours women's modesty as encouraged in Islam. It is also a new platform for Muslimah women to show their sense of fashion and uncover the fashionista within them with the help of striking bold colours.

It’s always a challenge shopping for styles specific to the hijab and the looks surrounding it. However at ZALORA Malaysia, clothes and accessories of every colour will make it easier for you to pick and choose the theme you want.

Step beyond choosing only hijabs by having a look at the other clothes which complement the hijab itself, such as long maxi dresses or kaftans. Strong vibrant colours are in this season and with the right combination, will make those around you envious.

Take for example these skirts – perfect for matching the various styles you want without having to resort to the old jeans or black skirts.

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aprisal h as said...`s nice post.i hope, i can get full hijab musli
Anyway i am ari and i am glad to know you,i hope we`ll be friend.see ya

aprisal h as said...`s nice post.i hope, i can get full hijab musli
Anyway i am ari and i am glad to know you,i hope we`ll be friend.see ya

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Noelle Tan said...

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Noelle Tan said...

Hey nice post. :) love it
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zalora is the best online shop..sbb byk pilihan yg cantik, ohsem dan murah2 belakass...