Sunday, February 16, 2014

SEDA Malaysia- Sustainable smart living house-CONT

Assalamualaikum and hye!

Kita sambung balik dari entry sebelum ni ye...

Concentrate light where it’s needed (dining table) and reduce background/ambient lighting. Use energy efficient lamps, it gives better output in every cent spent

Use suitable night curtains to reduce heat and get a good sleep

Reheat or cook smaller portions of food

Buy energy efficient microwave or oven if possible

Purchase 5-star energy efficient refrigerators. Buy an appropriate size for your household and avoid placing warm foods in the refrigerator. A 550 watt refrigerator costs approximately RM2 in electricity to operate annually

Iron as many clothes as possible at a time. Constantly reheating an iron from room temperature to operating temperature uses more than keeping it at operating temperature

Try to wash in cold water whenever possible. Sort your clothes and wash full loads. Buy inverter-type washing machine if possible. About 90% of the energy used for washing clothes on a warm cycle is used for cooling he water

Plant green trees/flower pots/etc to reduce the urban heat island effect, improve our air quality and reduce the amount of storm water runoff

Rainwater harvesting is a way of saving the rainwater and using it as piped water for the garden watering, yard wash down, vehicle and car washing

Install solar rooftop if possible to promote renewable energy

It gives a passive income as well as contribute to clean environment

Use roof insulations if possible. It helps reducing heat entering and escaping the house

Good roof insulation can reduce indoor temperature within 3C-5C

Use clay bricks or good thermal conductivity wall if possible. It absorbs heat better. 

Use external wall insulations too for good heat conductivity

Use double glazing or energy efficient windows if possible. It will reflect heat and ultra violet from entering the house. Install heat rejecting, ultra violet reflective and good light transmitting tinted film where necessary if possible

Skylight is used to convey abundant daylight or top lighting, provide a connection to the outdoor environment to occupants, and often to help fresh outside air enter the space.

Nanti saya akan share tentang COOLTEK house kepunyaan Stephanie yang terletak di melak, banyakk tips2 yang beliau praktikkan dalam sustainable smart living house dekat rumah beliau. In fact, rumah beliau juga banyak masuk majalah dan paper sebab mengamalkan konsep renewable energy. Dont forget to visit SEDA untuk mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut tentang renewable energy, Feed-in-Tarriff, Sustainable energy and many MORE!

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