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SEDA MALAYSIA - Feed in Tariff individual Solar PV cont

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So this is the continuous from the previous entry. We are now discussing about Feed in Tariff and their subtopics hehe.

Now let’s learn the types of solar PV module. 

Solar PV mdodules come in 3 common commercial types, which vary in efficiency and cost. Ingat tak yang haritu saya ada pegi AUO sunpower tangkap gambar and explain about the type. Ada kan. PV modules can be divided into 3, which are monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin film.

Can solar PV work for you?

Before you invest in a solar PV system, you need to check the following.

Is the roof tilting less than 15 degrees? Cause solar PV modules need maximum exposure to the sun, and this means that the tilt should not be more than 15 degrees for PV application in countries lying along the equator as PV on façade loses nearly half of its potential energy yield.

Will trees or buildings cast a shadow over the solar PV modules? If part of PV module is in te shade, then the amount of electricity generated will be reduced.

Is your roof structurally sound? It will need to take etra weight of the solar PV modules plus the mounting structure.

Income and savings

Before installation, you are advised to register and secure the feed in tariff quota. Under the FiT mechanism your Distribution Licensee will pay you for every kWh of electricity your system produces and supplies to the grid. FiT rate depends on the capacity of your PV system and the year when the sytem achieves commercial operation. Different capacity has different FiT rate. Selain daripada dapat duit FiT basic rate, anda juga berpeluang untuk dapat bonus rate yayyy jika system yang anda gunakan satisfies the bonus criteria. Please visit www.seda.gov.my and you can get the lastest FiT and bonus rate.

Your monthly income will depend upon the type and capacity of your system. Dekat Malaysia, setiap kW Solar PV kan menghasilkan average of 100kWhenergy setiap bulan!


(A) Total installed capacity                                   4Kw
(B)  Average monthly energy generation               400kWh a month
(C)  Basic FiT rate for 2013 + bonus rate              RM1.1316+RM0.2392=RM1.3708
(D) Monthly FiT income (B)x(C)                          RM548.32 a month
Annual FiT income (D))x 12 month               RM6,579.84

Sila pastikan PV service provider yang anda pilih ada certified engineers dengan sijil solar PV system design from any institution recognised by SEDA Malaysia.

Cost and payback

The cost of solar PV system depends on the size of the system, the type of PV technology and how easy it is to install at a particular site. Harga semasa sekarang , complete installation cost for one kW solar PV system would range from RM8000 to RM10000 for residential. Below is the illustration of simple payback for a 4kW PV system.

(A) Annual FiT income                                         RM6,579.84
(B)  Installation cost                                               RM10,000 x 4kW
(C)  Return on Investment period (B)/(A)             RM40,000/RM6,579.84=6.08 years


You need to contact a PV service provider and get the service provider to do the installation and help you to apply for the Feed in Approval. Click here. Be sure to get few quotations for price comparison. Look into their past projects and past experiences. Proven track record, accountability and reliability are very important indicators to ensure the quality and durability of the PV system installation


So, interested? Here are few criteria that you must have to install solar PV
1.      Malaysia citizen aged 21 years and above
2.      Ownership of the landed property
3.      Each individual is limited to 2 applications
4.      Each application shall not exceed 12kW installation capacity
5.      Each application is to have different address

Complete eligible criteria you can find here. Go visit www.seda.gov.my  to know more the details. Next entry saya bagi step by step how to apply for FiT ok? Tadaaa.

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