Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SEDA MALAYSIA - Feed in Tariff individual Solar PV cont

I am interested!!! What now? Ok sabar sabar. Haha there are few steps that you need to follow before you get the FiT payment.

So first step u need to check the eligibility, next step is to prepare the documents and contact the service provider and then third step apply for Feed in Approval through manual or online submission.

What are the documents needed for the application?

There are 2 registration stages for Feed in Approval application

i: Profile registration
a)      Copy of mycard

ii: Project registration
a)      Copy of documents proving the Applicants ownership of the site, or other conditional or unconditional rights
b)      Copy of land title of the landed property
c)      Copy of fee payment receipt
d)     Copy of system Engineering Drawing
e)      Copy of wireman certificate
f)       Copy of certificate in solar PV system design

How to register profile?

1.      Go to
2.      Click on ‘Feed in Tariff”
3.      Click on ‘new registration’
4.      Receive email notification on user log in and id
5.      Login using password and id given
6.      Change password
7.      Go to my profile and finish setting the profile


Then below are the next steps, you will be contacted and just follow the flow.

Is there is any fee imposed upon application?

Ada la sikit hehe. The total application fee for a 4kW installation capacity is RM310 for application made throught manual and RM200 for online. Payment can be made to SEDA Malaysia.

All info from . Dont forget to visit SEDA untuk mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut tentang renewable energy, Feed-in-Tarriff, Sustainable energy and many MORE!

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