Sunday, January 23, 2011

i never show that i love u.

you are the second guy that i love after won the this world i only love three guy.three man.there will always be three man,not more.for the rest of my life i will rely on this three man.but you and the first one never change.tq for being there even though you are just like chipsmore.even sometimes you always protect me to love the third guy.the third guy will be my future husband kan.

because of its hard for me to trust afraid of losing you.daddy will protect me if something happen to this little princess.but he's old.i want to rely on you after him.i only have you in the siblings.i ask the third guy if he want to protect me if something happen,he will not.he has his own if you go,daddy will gone one day.and i have who?from three man,i have nothing.

im a normal girl who need protection from a father,brother and im losing one by one.

im sorry sometimes i forget that i have you.

men are from mars,women are from venus;"right now im in pain.i have nothing to give,this is when i need you the most.please,come over here and don't have to say anything.i just need to feel your arms around me.please dont go"



conbellydiobeterisme said...

family always be on ur side ,:)

farah said...

ur brother is getting married is he?