Saturday, May 28, 2011

dish deli-solaris mont kiara


am sorry for longgg everyone care kan bella.decided to make only an entry per week,for the time being.budget like am the first not busy(students are not allowed to use word busy,u are not busy,u are never busy,cliche oke),im just lazy and i did not use my time wisely.i have a lot of workssss to do to meet the due date and all those presentations and I really have to be careful with what im writing from now on.0_o.big boss has started make his spot check.ehem.

i went to solaris again.teheee.korang tau tak sekarang ada orang annoying tengah kacau budget macam i kenal die pastu nak kasi message banyak2.paksa orang reply then kasi ym banyak2.oke dah this time i have a dinner at dish deli.tempat ni macam chill2 je la.the foods are not too heavy,macam cafe tapi sangat cantik,comfy and cosy and really nice ambiance too.

they offer you kids corner and baby changing facilities available and also free wifi.all are ready made dish but fresh meal.and halal.

pink guava,rm6

mango juice,rm6

me,rm priceless

Lancashire Hot Pot (RM18.90)

recommended,sedapp.gravy with potato and meat serve with bread.the gravy super delicious.and the meat well done.

chicken pie.

serve with salad.alaa cenonet nye salad and die taruk kicap sushi tu isk,potong mood.and this dish sedapp rasa macam bile makan seorang baby.sebab main ingredient is potato.and chicken.

Dish Peach and Almond Crumble (RM8).sedapppp jugak.the bottom layer is hot,peach and crunchy almond and eat with ice cream.combination of hot-cold.super nice.

Dish Apple and Cinnamon Crumble (RM8).die macam apple pie mcd tapi lagi sedap,disebabkan i dont like apple pie so jadi tak bape sedap.

here is their

thats all for today.tq for reading.:)good day goodbye!i actually have no idea what to write on next entry so maybe we will see next month.;)tadaaaaaa


Marya Hana . said...

sentiase masyukkk bella ni.. :')
boleh update makan kat tempat best2..

Izyan Masri said...


Chybee said...

nampak sedap aiskrim tu ;)

Azzam?? said...

dish for two, tapi tak didedahkan siapa orang lagi satu.. sniff snifff..

gi dating eh? hahaha =D

Anonymous said...

nabeela you pergi dengan siapa ni?

bella dela rosa said...

marya:ehhh tak mahal mane pon yang sini.sekali sekalaa.kalau hari2 makbapak pon botak sekali

bella dela rosa said...

izyan:sekarang tetiba teringat balik sedap diee.sedappp

bella dela rosa said...

chybee:Sedapp tapi muak mkn byk2

bella dela rosa said...

azzam:ni dish for 4 haha.haha yes dating=pertemuan

bella dela rosa said...

anonymous:pergi dengan suami.;p

Nebula Horizon Resources said...

dem sedap pulak nmpak....mmg suke tgk blog2 manusia2 yg pentingkn perut pedal nie....hihihihi.....more place to go ok!!

-ps- quite rare i wanna cmment other ppl blog, just go go go...maybe next time i'll create one blog juz for trvelling...huhu....

nina said...

saya selalu makan di situ , sauce salad bukan kicap jepun tapi balsamic vinegar (kicap itali ;-) )

dan website depa

Dish Deli said...

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