Thursday, June 2, 2011

beauty lady from the internal side

i love these pictures sangatt.kakak kite curi nii.kalau marah nanti kite delete ehh.


this post dah lameee sangat dalam fact everyday i do some editing haha.yah i know tak la banyakk mana i cakap but to put the words in beautiful sentence in order to give a big impact in a way that i want to express how special she is,susah la,tau tak nak tulis something about someone bukan senang.

well this is not a post which if u expect me to tell about how pretty she is physically,no it is not.externally im sure everyone can judge kan.but what i want to stress here is she is very lovely,lovable,caring,understanding,calming,friendly,favorable,kind,nice,such a sister.what you want me to list?yesss there is no one in this world perfect,i din say she is perfect.and i din say as well she is almost perfect.almost perfect for me are sahabat2 nabi,ulama' and list goes on.but she is type of people who you want at least one in your life.and alhamdulillah i have many of it and very grateful to Allah surrounded me with these beautiful people.alhamdulillah too she is one of them.sangat sooo excited when first bump into her blog and i finished read all her posts.

how to start eh?gedik takk.ok the name given is aimie abd halim.;)why did i like her.if u go to her fb and if u read the comments that she replied to all of her friends,then u will directly fall in love.maybe im the millionth people who like her la kot.she is so dear.macam kalau jumpe nak peluk taknak lepas.her status semua inspiring.and all of her blogspost takde lansung dengki mendengki,memang semua can learn from her how to appreciate others.;)

first comment she gave one can add me da eventhough everyday i delete orang,kenapa ye?can you see how long she replied?and she reply the same to all of the girls.everyone is a princess.i dont know,senang la jatuh hati dengan orang camni.ehehe.sebab suke orang penyayang.sebab i love to be loved.tapi doesnt matter if she din wall me pon,i still adore her.

dont you feel u are sooo appreciated.we never met.and we just be friend start from 26may.and now only how many days?huhuhu.and bawah tu dearling jugak.arxar nadhirah.i met her once tapi before jumpe die salu tegur orang macam ni jugak laaa.semua la die tegur.comel tak orang2 macam ni.comel kann.orang lain comel jugak tapi these type of people yang even tak kenal she can treat others like diorang tu somebody yang dah kenal lama.nazneen najib pon one of them jugak.;)

sorry guys.she's engaged.hehe.lucky him.very LUCKY.

comel tak.i hope she will be adorable in and out forever,insyaAllah.

ohh before that please like her picture as she entered a competition organized by alhumaira can read all of her comments,comel gile tulis the picture or[click].tq very much for voting my sister.:)iloveu if u like her.hihi.

ohh and this is her blog.u can visit her.please do.!

till here.bye all.:)


twinkle twinkle said...

lawa nya dia :)

fathin zulkifli said...

lawanyeeee die :))

Anonymous said...

owh..i do read her blog! and at first sight i tough she is your sista! REAL SISTA. sbb muke korang hampir sama kot!

plus i suke kaftan yg dia jual tu!
sgt cantik!

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

i fall in luv with her..
and i fall in luv with your blog since i dunt have blog..

mase mula2 ade blog..u r one of the blog yang i suka baca time tu..bukan fl..bukan hanis zalikha but i love ur blog and style..

and if i xsalah..
my 1st komen kat blog ni adalah psl org yang kritik u kot..die komen pasal nape u post kat blog yang ramai stranger add u kat fb..time tu i xde blog lg kot hahaha..and i back up u okey hehe

kehkeh..melalut lak

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

سبحان الله

My dear ~ ♥ ~Bella Dela Rosa~ ♥ ~

Kakak became all speechless when reading this post~ kakak tak rase kakak layak to accept all these compliments syg~ because honestly, kakak someone yg full of flaws & still need a lot to learn~

Bella buat kakak Cry k~ seriously~ :') sgt2 touched, until while writing this pun kakak tgh wipe away the tears~

kakak siap call fiancée kakak while crying & he became all panicked because honestly he thought that something bad happened tau~ & then kakak ckp, "ada org dah steal my heart away~" he became all quiet & asked "whom"..? so, kakak ckp it's my dear beloved sister Bella Dela Rosa.

He laughed because kakak have been telling him about bella a LOT of times dah actually~ *BLush* sbb kakak seriously admire bella so much~ u're beauty is not only on the outside but within~ :)

Tak penah kakak meet someone yg very appreciative, beautiful, charming, enlightening, sweet & most importantly VERY SINCERE like Bella~ ♥

kakak seriously feel soo BLESSED when kakak first got to know bella~

kakak pray that our friendship would last forever & if ada rezeki, mana tau.. bella dpt jd apart of kakak punya family~ :) hehe. that would be a great wish come true~ because seriously, ANY GUY who gets to win bella's heart is 1 LUCKY MAN indeed~ :)

May Bella be surrounded by ALL the goodness in this world syg~ :') & may HIS blessing will ALWAYS be with u syg~ ♥ huGs ♥ love u till bits ♥ muaCks ♥

p/s: sorry kakak dah ter-write too long~ but NO WORDS can truly describe how GRATEFUL kakak feel to have u in my life now~ الحمد لله

Marya Hana . said...

cute sangat .. :)
kadang2 muka dia mcm sis nadia bayu..

Nanie Hussin said...

yes adorable she is. thank you for featured her in your blog my dear bella..found another adorable blogger that inspired me :)

take care bella.

bella dela rosa said...

tinkle:fathin:she is.and she is more beautiful inside;)

bella dela rosa said...

balqish:huhu really.i would be grateful if she is my elder sister heee.yess cantik kannn.i pon sukeee jugak kaftan2 tu

bella dela rosa said...

nurul:alaaa nurul make me terharu daaa.hahaha ye keee.ade eh,okeh should godek2 balik la cari hehehe.

and i never missed ur post everytime u update okess.and now u famous yayyy.;)

bella dela rosa said...

kakak aimie:kakak u make me cry too is because of ur humbleness people love u including me.hee.;)

and my friends pon tak larat nak dengar da i keep telling about u.hee n im sorry if u received so many friend request from my friend lists.i bet everyone sume excited add soo sorry.

i hope we can meet one day.tapi malu la jumpe kakak.rasa rendah diri je nanti,kite pemalu heee.

i love when u wrote long.i lovee to read all ur words.tapi kalo kite reply pendek2 sorry tauuu,sebab bewitched with ur words till i dont know how to reply.tq kakak for being a sister.

much love.

bella dela rosa said...

marya:comell kan.marya pon comel jugakkk

bella dela rosa said...

nanie:tcare too kakak nanie.u too very inspiring.lecturer muda hee

Ayeem Jemain said...

semua perempuan comel je yang komen. nak komen pon jd malu. hehe

BeYLa! said...

kak bella.u know wht.i love her so u must love me ryte?heheh.

akk kn beyla hr tu ad wt entry psl blog akk kn.ok br je kelmarin dea cumment psl kak bella tau.dea pn ckp dea suke kak bella.

and by that time kite tak knl pn sp dea.just sbb singgah2 blog jeh.tetibe kak bella wt entry psl dea.u reli made me adore her.ayt2 dea pnjg2.sweet2 jek. sooo envy wit you kak bella.tehee.

Anan Azri said...

ohh kenal dier ni..a**i kann..budak shah alam. neighborhood je ni

bella dela rosa said...

ayeem:haha nak komen apeeee.she is cantik kann

bella dela rosa said...

beyla:yess comel kan.she treat exeryone the same.;)heee

bella dela rosa said...

anan:yess kakak aimi.;)

nhmy1303 said...

kak bella..
1st time komen ni..
to be honest lama dh jd silent reader akak..=)
serius suke sgt baca blog akak..
n u are beautiful too..
cntik luaran dan dalaman..
kekalkan kak...

xfatynx said...

Aaaaa, her blog is so sweets! Love reading it ! and yours too sis. its be my staple diet already :)

Jamban Comel said...

is it true ,bella x appove orang ek haha ,if i add ya at fb ,mesti kene delete en haha just kidding ,

a very lovely and caring girl by the way she commented ur fb ,comel pulak tuh hehe

p/s;like ur blog too ececece

bella dela rosa said...

nhmy:ya Allah tq sayang.;)

bella dela rosa said...

fatnyx:tq for reading too my sweetie

bella dela rosa said...

jamban:for now maybe clearing my fb friends hehe.tak la sampai delete.tak tengok da pon friendlist,rasanya tak boleh add kot?idk why.

haha tq.;)she is sooo sweetheart.

Jamban Comel said...

ur friendlist up to limit kowt ,thats why takleh add ,i tried add ya before ,enggak bleh dong ,haha :) ,aduh #erkk

bella dela rosa said...

tak laa.da delete 2k da.wuwuwuw.tapi tatau la why.let it be la.hehe

Anonymous said...

chantekkk =)

sue93 said...

salam..kak bella..sue first time komen nie..dh lama jd silent readers akak..suke bce sume blog akak..tringin nk jd n jumpe akak..akak,sue sarankn akak bt laa fb yg kdua...bru dpt add..ini sue cari pun x jumpe..huu..akak cntik,brjaya n everything...(^_^)

sue93 said...

salam..kak bella..sue first time komen nie..dh lama jd silent readers akak..suke bce sume blog akak..tringin nk jd n jumpe akak..akak,sue sarankn akak bt laa fb yg kdua...bru dpt add..ini sue cari pun x jumpe..huu..akak cntik,brjaya n everything...(^_^)