Friday, November 11, 2011

A day at IKEA and pepper lunch.


Hello dear readers, how areeeeee you. Sorry these days I rarely update, have to catch up those homeworks presentation due date and what not. But, for now, still have time to ronggeng and eat, go for a movie. I have allocated the time for that harharhar provided with I have to spent at least some time at the library everyday, even doing nothing, I have to go. Oke so maybe I dont have to introduce this sweet lady anymore.  Hehehe what? As in everyone call you my dear sis, kakak kesayangan ramai, I never labelled her that except for the purpose of sister teasing kan fifi kannn. Joke. Deep inside indeed she is. I know she had received so many inbox messages,want to be as close as I am with her, I dont know how you clarify our closeness. I dont share any under garment with her. Then?


We actually differ in many matters. She is friendly, I am not, I am reserved, she loves to make friends, I am shy2 cat(sombong nak mati!), she prefer not to make people hurt, I am straightforward(sometimes my words hurt), she is lovable to everyone, I am, but only for certain people hahahahaha, she loves to thicken her eyebrow, I love thinner version. Even we do not share most of the things, but we love each other. Lolololololo.


It just a simple day out where we went for eat and eat and shop and eat and walk. Went to pepper lunch at first, I want her to try the kesedapan, nasib baik kate sedap, we share the portion, ever heard that if we share, the food will be triple delicious, no? For me, it is. And if it belong to someone else, it will be more more more delicious. I love others food more than mine to be exact.hahaha kann. Then we went to IKEA, ate meatball, chicken wings, daim cake(favourito), shrimp sandwich, I expect for shrimp cocktail, been dreaming for ages but not available, nemind luckily they have substitute. At the end we have to tapau the chicken wings with tissue since we are full,we are small mind you. Tamak lagi siapa suruh, orang tamak memang selalu rugi.;p


Meatball, lapar takkk saje je taruk besar besar.

This one is shrimp sandwich, cold version. I love hot dish.T_T



kesayangan :)


Then she sent me back to UPM. She loves to drive where I am not! I even used to up a status at facebook saying that 'kan best kalau kereta boleh bawak kita', gile malas betul.

Itu saja dari saya untuk harini, semoga menikmati hari yang ceria dan sempurna.senyum selalu.! Bila ada exam esok pagi memang selalu semangat nak tulis blog sebab hormon nak menulis dekat paper exam tak menyabar nak tunggu, so kena practise tulis dulu baru tak kekok esok pagi.


Mr feckry said...

meet ball tu macam sedaap la


bestnyaaaaaa:) love it!

kembatolo™ said...

err.. tulis blog ngan tulis exam same eh? bukan ni kena taip ke? ahaha

wanie said...

hi bella, boleh tanya tak bella pakai camera apa? gmbar lawa lah :)

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

close until *sleep together & bath together*~ hehehe. (okiey, bath together is our next activity but then at the swimming pool la kn? :P) hehehehehe..

love you so Very2 Manyak2~ & Miss you So muCh~!! :D

topijerami90 said...

yum2 sedapnya

bella dela rosa said...

feeckery:it is!

fifiey:besst dear.;)

kembatolo:ade je exam type kannn

wanie:hye wanie entry ni gune dslr canon 1000d.

aimie:eh takyah swimming pool pon takpe haha


peGuaM_BiSaYa said...

niat na makan mgi je mlmni.. tapi da jadi lapar daaa...wu...........

Anonymous said...

you both are so pretty ..
BTW , can u teach me how to wear your hijab like that ..?
I love both of your style , and I hope u can teach me both !