Monday, November 14, 2011

SOOQ bazaar, Rasta TTDI


Remember the invitation that I post last 2 month, alhamdulillah the event went smoothly, happily, lovely and excitedly on early last month tehee. I enjoy every second to the bits, even though it was very tiring I must say, I slept like I'd to work for a week without having a rest, so over, I know. However, I got an opportunity to meet new people, and they are a-a-a-a-amazing. Throughout the day, a conclusion has been made by me (researcher tak boleh pakai) where if you browse pretty ladies pictures via laptop screen and think they are pretty, in real life,  the effect will be double, that is mean double pretty, unfortunately the conclusion not works for me.fine.T_T.

Before that you can see my skin colour transformation start from early in the morning to the evening, its getting darker and darker and darker. tq. Tak faham kenapa nak cacat sampai macam nih.

See who Ive met. Maria Elena and Yana cala qisya. Maria sangat licin muka die, hey you should watch her video about skin yang the earliest one if you want to get very smooth skin like her. Yana sangat pretty with her makeup-less. I salu rasa people who can stand without her makeup on is sooo pretty, it does not mean that people with make up tak cantik, not too heavy please, tatau I always admire people without makeup but still pretty.Lolololo.



The three owner hehe, they both spent at others booth more than what they sell. At least tak rugi haha.

Then, we have sha, me, fifi, qyla, chacha and kak aimie.;) My first time meet sha.;)

Purpose of the picture=nothing

Then Aiinaa and her friends stop by, hehe i dont know their name, sorry. :(

Nawariah came all the way from gombak with her parents, sweet. Tapi kak Aimie je la banyak cakap, I kan pemalu.ihi.



Lastly we have kak uyun! kak uyun sangat white, that is why i noticed most people call her snow white. Very the snow white tau. Lepastu terus malu. Motif sangat nak malu2.

Before I end, I would like to sent my gratitude to Fiqry for your help, for your patient, for your careness, for your skill, for your energy, for everthing. to kak Aimie, tq for your love, for your invitation, for your hardwork, for makes things happen, for your be-there-for-me, to fifi tq for existence, your help, your energy, your hardwork, to abang dinie, tq for sitting on the chair and look around, look at the money porch, for treat us drinks, for be a cameraman, and tq for all those ladies who came and buy and sudi take pictures with us and sudi duduk rapat2 even though da masam. :|. terharu. TQ all. Kiss to everyone except abang dinie.

Tq for reading! Have a nice day muah.


Paradise Gal said...

cantiknye bella de la rosa. :D

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

dress u sgttt cantikkkkkk..

and u pon sgt cantik/.

sgt jeles bleh jumpe kak uyun and aimie..


eykameow said...

Teringin nak jumpa ppl dkt dlm gmbar in dis entry yg i selalu baca blog dorang. huhuhu yg penah jumpa cuma yana. Yes, she's so pretty in real life! Natural ;)

LittleGurl said...

korang awesome!

AnnysaHusin said...

Dik, I tak pernah comment ur blog, suka baca je, kira silent reader la. Skrg ni tak banyak ur story psl ur bff tu, nik nadia rahimi. update la pasal korang lagi. suka baca.:)

Shazwani Ramly said...

wahhh, seronok laaa :))

Sabrina said...

cantik nye outfit awak! suke sgt!

Noor Zaitul Akmar said...

salam bdk baru blajar nk buat blog..hehhehe..mitak tlg lah kasi org ramai ttg blog sy nih..klu de mase sudi2 kanlah bace blog sy ni..pepun thx ye..

BeYLa! said...


Hehe ayat last tuee.Kiss for evryone, except abg Dinie ye?
Hehe haruslaa~ utk kak Aimie je kann.hehe.

Lovee all the picc kak Bella~ :))

topijerami90 said...

xpew la 2,awak tetap cun muka gelap kejap 2 biasa la kan

bella dela rosa said...

paradise:ehh hitam la kite awakkkk aritu

nurul:jommn nanti kite jumpe ramai2 yeee

eyka:kann comel kann,hehe

little:aww diorng memang awesome sangat

annys:die busy kakkk hehe

shazwani:yesss very enjoyable day

sabrina:aww tq awak.;)

zaitul:Selama berblog dear

beyla:tq beyla sayangg.nanti kak aimie jeles hehe

topi:haha baeklah.-_-"

eiybafiz said...

Lawa gila,I adore you kak bella :)
Snow white pun comel >,<
Everyday i tengok ur blog even i baru je fifteen :)