Wednesday, November 23, 2011

on UPM convocation day


Hye korang,apa khabar, sihat? I received a comment from this sister on my previous post,apart from make a confession that she never commented my blog, fine kak fineee, she asked me to update about my life with nadia. Have you guys ever noticed, if I close to someone at a moment of time, I'll make a continuous sequence of post regarding that person regularly haha, cacat kan, sebab asyik keluar dengan dia. So, at one only one person, special gitu, hihi. so Nadia and I, we rarely spend time together these days, started since she finished her study and with the changed of title to someone's fiancée and now she is an employee where I am a student, still. blerghhhh. She will getting marry next year andddd  eemm emm emm yeah of course will focus her life to husband, everyone will do that, for sure. 

Last month, I went to her and my room mate graduation. I gave each of them a book instead of giving flowers as for me, from only my perception ye, it will not long last so why waste. (but I still give nadia lily hihi), and I dont want the hard time of me last year where I have to hold all those flower and have to salam people lagi and tangkap gambar lagi and suddenly all things fall down, so tanak benda tu berlaku to my friends, hence I decide to give something that is easy to hold. I bet family members will buy at least one flower kan, so why need too many when you know about a week you are going to place it into the dustbin right. hypotheses rejected, success!

Both are my ex room mate back my degree time. left side will graduate next year, with my master's graduation yayyyyyyy.kalau sempat wahhaha.

I always think that UPM ropes is the prettiest. takpelah bangga university sendiri. over. What differentiate each faculties are their ribbon at the neck (I dont know what suppose to be called), and to distinguish between master and degree is the number of line. 

With auji and aan. Auji on nadia's right will graduate next year, and aan on my left graduated this year!


I loveee this bouquet.



Nadia's families. :)

The end of convocation story. Congratulation to all of you, lets continue master together ahaha, make sure you dont take class, take research (master of science) you'll be rich, if you take class, you'll be poor, macam saya.T_T. till here, tadaaaaaaaa.!



Cik Tqah said...

congrats to your fren.. gud luck to u.. semoga cepat dpt master :)

Akim Iqbal said...

Erm.. erk.. ermm.. Ingat sapa la yang konvo tadi..

miSs aMaL said...


ibuhebat said...

Seronok pegi konvo ni kan... teringat2 konvo sendiri... :D

AnnysaHusin said...

Hahaha. I suka follow & baca your post je syg,I malas nak komen tapi ritu tetiba gedik rindu nak baca story pasal korang dua. Bella asyik update pasal orang lain jek soooo akak tak puas hatilah tu yang komen tu heheehe. Anyway I mmg pembaca setia since jumpa your blog pasal takut kucing tu, now xpernah miss lg. Suka tengok friendship korang, suka baca story pasal korang dua. I have my bestfriendforever toooooo so bila baca post Bella dengan Nadia, mesti nak comparekan relation akak dengan mybff. Tapi kira akak lagi gempak sebab mybff stay sama family akak (Taknak kalah haha). Nanti akak kawen lagi 2 tahun (plan) mesti jadi cam korang, kurang spend time together dengan bff. Emm kirim salam nik nadia ehh.

p/s: My name pun ada nik kat depan.

Soffeatul Raunaqiah said...

You're very pretty dear <3 .By your last paragraph tu,ta paham? poor meaning?

p.s just followed you :)

Mrs. Lady's Stylo said...

Salam buat semua stylo ladies di sini! :)

Koleksi yg menarik & stylo serta tips2 berguna.

Kunjungi kami di

TQVM! :)


wow...dh kan? congratez to ur friend!

Mira Amirudin said...

sabar2...nxyear is your the way cgrats to your friends! :)

bella dela rosa said...

cik tqah:tq my dear tiqah insyaAllah this year, gudluck to u too in anything


amal:hehe tq on behalf of her

ibuhebat:haah best bestttt sbb rasa gembira jee berjaya

anyysa:awww ye ke suwit nye boleh stay sekali tapi kitorang dekat ehem ehem hehehe.bangi kajang jeee.owhh yeahh congrats in advance nanti kawen jangan lupe jemput tau tauu

soffea:haha sbb fees mba in malaysia, upm paling expensive sebab tu miskin

fifiey:yess my dear hee

mira:insyaAllah this year aminn